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About Enchanted Cherub

About Enchanted Cherub

 pendants on shell 

I am Amanda Morris and I have been fascinated (some may even say obsessed) by beads and jewellery ever since I was a little girl, when my Mum helped me to string dried melon seeds onto a piece of cotton to make a simple necklace.  I am privileged to have had her and an Auntie who both had enough patience and creative skill to enable me to try many different crafts as a child and I am eternally grateful to them that the urge to make things has stayed with me into adulthood.

But it was my Dad who first took me into a newly opened bead shop in Norwich and bought me a small bag of sparkly treats.  I was mesmerised by the array of colours and shapes of the beads, and I have been ever since! I am a largely self-taught jewellery designer and maker, and started creating jewellery as a teenager. Enchanted Cherub was founded in September 2010.

pendant on statue

I love to experiment with colours, new designs and techniques and the jewellery is constantly evolving. A piece can be inspired by almost anything from a bouquet of flowers to the pattern on a jumper, however you will see my favourite things appearing repeatedly - anything to do with the sea, winged creatures, Lucite flowers and occasionally just a hint of vintage. My philosophy is to make your life a little bit sparklier, using charms, glass beads and Swarovski crystal alongside natural elements such as shells, pebbles and seaglass to make unique, often one-off pieces for you to enjoy. I am passionate about making jewellery and hope that you will have fun discovering my items and find something that you will really love.

Every item of Enchanted Cherub jewellery has been lovingly created in my log cabin garden studio at my home in Bridgend, which I share with my husband and our Border Terrier, Gypsy.